Together For Children - #Partofthepuzzle

Balloon Chic for Together for Children Introducing the #partofthepuzzle movement!



Founded in Greece in 1996, "Together for Children" is an association of non-profit NGOs, working in the field of child welfare and managed by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of each member-organization. The Association offers assistance to children and young people irrespective of race, religion and political conviction. It supports more than 30.000 children on an annual basis, including more than 10.000 direct children beneficiaries. The mission statement of this unique alliance is “power through unity”, and is reflected though the Association's main aim to support children and young people in need, particularly those facing poverty, social exclusion, domestic violence, chronic disease, mental/physical disability, or the sickness/death of an immediate family member. Being firm advocates of claiming social responsibility, and believing children's needs to be an the epicenter of our company profile, we are honored and proud to be participating in a beautiful original collaboration, the #partofthepuzzle movement!

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